Rating your games 2024!

Rating Your Games

Hello, Cookie Tech community! Recently, I thought that we should get the community involved in some fun things, so why not rate each others games!

You game can be any genre (as long as it is appropriate), and can be based of anything!

When submitting games, please use this format to make it easier for us to rate!

When we rate your games, please don’t take the rating personally. We will give our ratings. then congratulate you on the good things, then point you in the right direction on things to improve.

If you game contains things like blo*d, and things along those lines please blur the photo by using the spoiler feature, which is [spoiler] (content) [/spoiler].

Anybody, feel free to rate games just make sure your kind, and respectful!

If you feel like a post isn’t civilized, and kind please use the flag feature and report it.

Happy rating!


Game Name:
Other information:



(not sure if the linked header worked sorry, if someone could help me fix it as im not sure how to use them properly :sob:)

Cant wait to see all of the communities amazing creations!

The Eras Tour Wembley Stadium
As you can tell its a concert
Please note, it’s no where near finished

Picture 1 - Stage so far

Picture 2 - Profile and Washer Test

Picture 3 - Profile and Washer Close Up

ignore the red part at the back of picture 1

not giving the link cuz it aint done yet

other information
lighting is from industrial lighting
im in the process of rigging lights rn

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Wow, it’s look really good so far! Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished.

My rating: 7/10

Feedback: I know it’s not done, but a suggestion to add to it: smoke machines and confetti cannons.

I’m trying to recreate the entire stage with my friend, including accurate lighting.
There will be pyrotechnic fire though!

Game Name: Coral Coast Hotels :sparkles:
Genre: Roleplay
Screenshots: Check out the game :wink:
Link: [NEW!] 🏨 WORK! | Coral Coast Hotels - Roblox
Other information: N/A

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Wow, this is honestly the best small-group build I have seen yet! The amount of detail and effort put into this is stunning.

My rating 8/10!!

Feedback: it’s god don’t get me wrong, but there are a few glitches.

Non staff members can go here, and the board behind it hasn’t loaded.

The self check in hasn’t loaded in, same again with the board behind it.

There was a random UI in a corner not sure if it’s meant to be there though-

Overall, I love this build and cannot wait to see the future!

Agreed - I need to get on my grind of updating this weekly! Not sure why CheckMeIn isn’t loading - I’ll look into that now.

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The things that weren’t loading should be loaded now - I’ll fix the other bugs soon!


Game Name: Blox Store
Genre: Shopping Game, Roleplay.
Screenshots: Join the game to see it :grin:
Link: Blox Store - Roblox

Veery good live with this games +1 suscriber

hiya! im afraid this isn’t the livestream post :(, but im sure Noah is happy to hear!

Yeah, sorry. I send a mail for questions ^^

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