RBX Domains Drama

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There has been Some Drama about Rbx Domains - I’m now going to tell you about it! Shall we get into it?

The Very Start of this Drama

There were So Many Outages, it was Insane how many there were, everyone was thinking it was Bloxy.pro, that did the Same Thing as them, just a Different Domain. Then we got this:

So, who could it be? If it was not them. An Hour Ish Later, we got this saying:
We’re not the ones getting Pointed at, it’s someone on the Same Server as us.

:warning: That’s not 100% What they Said, I’m unable to find the Post.

It was going on for Many Weeks, and still going on. (As of September 1, 2022)


Who is Goober?
Goober was a Head Dev at RBX Domains…

They posted this, and well, it’s not good…
a Week or so later…

Goober has All Users IPs and email addresses. That’s a LARGE Problem for Users.


This is A LOT Of Drama, but Everyone is giving them 2nd Chances. I’ve Moved to Bloxy.pro, due to the Outages.

And so you should, RBX Domains is a site that clearly can’t manage a business, and has no idea what they’re doing. Just from looking at their site I can’t tell bloxy.pro is much more professional.

Good choice :slight_smile:

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