ReAdmin - Coming Back as a Staff Management Platform?

Like hyra, ReAdmin seems to be coming back again. For those who don’t know, ReAdmin was a Staff Management Platform like Tovy. Here’s some of the Information I’ve gathered:

Sady, ReAdmin won’t be owned by BloxLink, meaning that uptime could be better or worse.

What do you think? Vote below or reply, I’d love to hear your opinions.

If everything goes well, will you use ReAdmin?
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  • Maybe
  • No

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Do you think ReAdmin will be the same when it comes back?
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It’s official!

What is the date?

Sorry, not in that server.

But why did they shut down in the first place?

I think groups need to understand that if you shut down you can’t make a grand entrance again and expect people to start working with you again.

Personally & this is just my opinion, if a company shuts down and they re open again I will never be a customer for that company again, knowing that they now run the risk of shutting down.

Also what about all those people who had active subscriptions?

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May 6th 2023 is the date of ReAdmin coming back

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That’s pretty far in the future, does that mean they’re announcing it without much existing development?


Probably, and man if there’s one thing I learned from past mistakes it’s that you should never announce something until you have atleast 50% of it done.