ReAdmin Shutdown Opinions

Hello Cookie Tech :cookie:

As you may know, ReAdmin will be shutting down on 2022-07-22T23:00:00Z.

This will affect loads of roblox groups (Even the big ones too.)

The message they sent to their discord server is linked below:

As they said they will be deleting all data and terminating subscriptions which means no refund.

This is very bad for people who liked ReAdmin for it being free and now having to go to Hyra or something.

I would love to see your opinions below!

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At the end of the day it was bound to happen. These things do shut after a while.

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It is a big issue for my group. Tovy was recommended by a lot and is currently in use, but it’s not the same and lacks a lot of important features that ReAdmin had. There are a lot of upcoming companies such as Ignite, but my group now is in a state of slight panic, as everything has to be changed up.

P.S. If anyone has released alternatives that are advanced for staff management and ranking, shoot me a DM.

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Tovy has the same stuff as readmin in mostly, besides application centers but you can use rocket apps for applications.

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Yup, something unique has to come out. :wink:


I think I know what this means… :flushed:


Cookie leaking things… :thinking:

Oooo, I have a good feeling about this.

New ranking service? :thinking:

Roblox has done something so my App Center does not rank, me and a different group is having the same problem.

Honestly, this was the right thing to do(in my opinion).

ReAdmin had to many bugs and was not maintained the way it should’ve been, it was a low-quality copy of Hyra.
Additionally, they ban people from every game that uses ReAdmin for no reason. They have no valid explanation for why they banned the user, but they’re globally banned — even from their own game.

Yeh but Tovy is open source. So they can’t ban you.

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Can you help me install Tovy, if you go to it says error. Do I need to install with Docker, if yes how?

Tovy shutdown sadly, but here is a guide on how to selfhost. They are also mergeing with another company that will offer something like tovy. I would join the discord if your really interested in it.

Can you send invite link?