Recent bypassing

Greetings, Cookie Tech community!

Recently - I’ve noticed a rise in people bypassing our content filter by using things such as “inproprate w*rd”. This is highly unacceptable as these filters are in place for a reason.

Think about your post before you create it - make sure it’s up to our standards. Posts should not make inappropriate references, or use inappropriate and/or curse words.

Thanks for your compliance,
@cam; moderator


I’m referring to bypassing on the forums - not regarding Roblox.


Ah, so sorry about this, I was trying to use this for educational purposes, and didn’t want to use the word, I won’t do this again.

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If you use an inappropriate word for educational reasons that’s okay, just say the bad word, the post will go down - but then we will check it and put it back up, we’ve done this for people ton the past!