Removing Backdoors


Hello everyone! Today I’m going to tell you how to remove Backdoors from your game.
A week ago I had a Backdoor in my game that @HayHay noticed.

Let’s start

Plugins can have Scripts in them that may have backdoors, That’s how I got my backdoor in my game.

Before downloading a Plugin

  1. Their Username & Join Date
  2. Where did you find this plugin?
  3. The creation date.

Here is a plugin that has a Backdoor:

This one will put RoSync in it, it does not do much, but if it’s found on an Active Game, it will be abused…

Free Models

Free models are placeholders, not for publishing!
The biggest way games get viruses are through free models. Fake models will bot themselves usually with highly spammed names or real names but tons of sales.

Always check the username before adding it to your game, If it’s like Coolgamer12 or RobIox (With a I) it’s probably going to add a backdoor.


Make sure to look at all the scripts, If one has a lot of grouped items then it’s most likely going to add a backdoor.

If you are unsure if one has it, use Rogold, it looks at them. (Does Not Always Work!)


Thanks for reading! I hope this helped.

(This Gets Updated Quite a Lot.)


Thank you very much. Will use this.