Return of zgr2575

Hello Cookie Tech!

Suppose you don’t know me. I’m zgr2575. I have been a member of the Cookie Tech community for over 3+ years. After a long break, I returned but didn’t worry I didn’t return empty-handed. Over those years I have widened my knowledge in programming languages such as CPP, CS, PY, JS, TJS, HTML, CSS, and finally Ruby. But that isn’t all. All the languages I have known before, I have widened my knowledge in already known languages through the other languages. On top of that, I have learned a lot about 3D workspaces and making maps look professional and well thought out. As well as writing skills for lore and storylines for games. Why should you guys care about this? Well, today I plan to make an announcement that can make some of us some money, as the terms we used before “profit” :skull:. More info soon. But I am glad to be back and I plan to stay and be active from here on out!

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How did you remember us? (Just curious)


I looked up zgr2575 on google. :joy: