Review RGB Script

Hello there CookieTech community! I just started trying scripting today, and I wanted to test out a script, but I don’t have access to studio atm. I plan on trying something basic, so here it is!

game.Workspace.Part = script.Parent

while true do
     game.Workspace.Part = ColorRGB(255,0,0)
     game.Workspace.Part = ColorRGB(0,255,0)
     game.Workspace.Part = ColorRGB(0,0,255)

How does it look?

it looks good, but try Orginaize it if it a long script. if you need any help lmk!

@Polar Add me on roblox if needed user: Mo_ALt28

Ah okay, thanks for the suggestion!

Btw i got banned for 1 day on roblox!

I saw the thread. Sorry about that!

xd add me on nerd794 account! Smoothe - Roblox

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