Right to Erasure // Why did I get this message?

Hey guys, so I was asked to remove someone’s user ID for a data-store in ROBLOX. But I don’t know why they asked. Anyone got any ideas?


Just looked further into it, is it to do with ROBLOX’s new ‘delete account function’?

Okay! So basically, this is from Roblox’s support page, they have a “Erasure” request thing.

If that game that they listed the link of has datastores or activity tracking, logs, etc. you’d need to delete them. You could use Bloxbiz datastore editor for the datastore.


I have removed all the data, thanks for the help.

Alright, just for a bit some more information: they have to add the link of what they want to relive their data from?

If so, I have no clue why as the game hadn’t been public for almost 4 years.

No, as per GDPR or other countries that have strong data protection laws (The UK) the laws revolving around right to erasure are quite strict (especially with children). The right to erasure clause (in the UK) is pretty lengthy and you can read up on it yourself.

But it means that most data around this user has to be removed otherwise you could be in legal trouble.

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