Rising NVIDIA stocks - Peak reached?

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I’m sure many of you are familiar with the rising NVIDIA stocks at this point, at least for those of you who have been watching the stock markets lately.

Over the past months alone we’ve seen a dramatic rise in NVIDIA stocks, due to the rapidly increasing demand for AI and quite impressive profits and earning reports!

Just take a look below at the simplified version of their stocks from the start of January to present-day, the start of April … :chart_with_upwards_trend:

If some of you have noticed, the peak of NVIDIA stocks was around $950.02 (USD) last month … that’s still an insane climb from just $481.68 (USD) at the start of 2024! :exploding_head:

But if we examine more detailed graphs on Yahoo!Finance, for example, we can see that, while this particular stock has been rising (and still is), NVIDIA stocks have slightly dipped and they’re not rising at the rate they were in mid-March …

While I’m aware April has just begun, my question to the community is do you believe that this is the best NVIDIA stocks will get? Or will the increasing demand for AI chips push the NVIDIA stocks even further?

Personally, I believe that NVIDIA still has the huge potential to grow and expand their industries, but only if they can hold on by continuing to dominate the rising competition for the manufacturing AI chips. Looking forward to reading your thoughtful opinions below! :smile:

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Hi! I think if you’re looking at stocks, you want to look at them for the long run: I suspect currently for the long run, it’s going to increase.

Realistically if you think about it though there are not many competitors in the gpu market; if I recall correctly nvidea owns 88% of the GPU market share.

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