RoAuth.JS (A NPM module)


A module for the new public beta OAuth API.

Other Info

I made a simple NPM promise based module that goes around the ROBLOX OAuth API ROBLOX has released (and it’s completely open sourced!). No more going through the API (which I wasn’t even sure if there were. I only made it to make stuff much easier too.

It’s my first promise based and typescript based module! I’ll add in more stuff like assets and MessagingService publishing.


NPM Module: roauth.js - npm
^^ There is an example in here, which is also why I didn’t post one here.

Github Repo: GitHub - doqedev/roauth.js


doqe_wow - For making the resource
ROBLOX - For having OAuth


This looks very cool. Reminds me of something I saw the other day: roblox-provider - npm (