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Hey, y’all! @Sam-Happyshot10 here! I was just thinking about how long I’ve been playing Roblox and wanted to ask y’all the same thing! My account was created in 2017! What about you? I am thinking of having a competition of who has the earliest account. (The prize would be knowing you have the earliest account + 0 :robux:)

2019 had an account that was lost before. :slight_smile:

Oh! Ok.

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Hey there, I’m sorry to hear that you lost your old Roblox account @Noah. That must have been really frustrating. Do you happen to remember what year the account was from? Maybe we can try to figure out if there’s anything we can do to help you recover it.

Hey! Thanks for asking … this is a really interesting question.

Although I “officially” began playing Roblox & then proceeded to create my first Roblox account back in 2020, I do remember creating a Roblox account just for fun in 2015.

But, I never used it, and I only created it because a very well-known friend of mine did the same at the time and encouraged me to create an account.

Again I never used the account, and I still remember the looks of the old Roblox site theme. Unfortunately I’ve completely lost memory of the account’s username and password so it is lost in time.

I played Roblox for the first time in 2014 on another persons account.

In 2016 I made my First Roblox account however I forgot the password & username so that account is lost in time. Fast forward to early 2017 I made my account that I use today.

While I mainly use my account made in 2017 I also play on an account given to me by my cousins which was created in 2008. It’s cool to be able to play from an account that’s early in age.

On another note, I must say I really do miss the 2016 website. It was classic and it brought back so many memories

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Hey there my current account was made in 2014 but I did have an account back in 2010 before it got terminated because of my special little brother :joy::+1:

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2020 i guess, my accounts i currently use are 2021/2023

My current roblox account was made January 20th 2022, first was July 18th 2019

I played as a guest in 2014.

My ROBLOX account, @orangebird3 was made on December 22nd, 2016 (I believe 22nd, too lazy to go back and check haha). I thought making an account costed money :sob:

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Rip, would be a problem if you didnt knew this after 2017 (the year they removed guests)

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For real. :sob:
If I didn’t realize sooner, I would’ve probably stopped. I mean, I didn’t play Roblox too much from 2014 to late 2016, I was pretty young and it was a couple of times only.