Roblox Ad's - What happened?

Roblox ad’s the icons you see mainly at the top and right side of your screen. They look something like this:

Ad’s on Roblox have taken many styles. From “OMG PLAYED THIS GAME” to “Before & After” Ads. Advertisements have always had a place on the Roblox website but now it seems like they’re not as big as they used to be. I personally don’t pay attention to them and forget they’re there most of the time.

I’m not sure if this is because I have played Roblox for so long that I just don’t notice it anymore or if it’s something with everything else too. I wanted to ask. Do you guys notice ad’s and do you guys create ad’s for your group?

If so what style do you use?

Please let me know as this is very interesting to see on the platform




Since I now use the roblox windows beta app, I don’t see ANY ads. I find it a bit weird?

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The only platform were ads show is web, I’m not sure if ads are going to be useful in the near future, unless roblox changes something, sometimes if something catches my eye & seems interesting I might click it, apart from that I don’t normally click.

I know ads still get clicks, normally they have to be very enticing and un-realistic, the more clickbait something is, the more somebody is going to click on something, especially younger audiences.


Yea, only the web has these ad’s but it’s weired since the windows app is also for pc.

To be honest, I see a mix of both. However, the increasing trend seems to be ads that only contain some cool and bright images, as well as ads that show comparisons between “level 0 - level 100.”

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“Clickbait” is really the only way to entice people, in addition to that your most likely to get young audiences in your game with “clickbait” adverts, adverts aren’t worth it - I would rather go for a sponsor (if you want to build up your game).

Hey! I used to primarily use those click-bait ads after thousands of robux down the drain on ad testing, I found those work best. But now I’m looking into a more realistic approach of creating ads that represent the game itself.

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I think ads are a good way to attract group members. They’re often clickbait or fake so I don’t click on them often-I occasionally will click on what just to see what it’s about, and that’s just about it.

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