Roblox Animated Faces, not that far away?

Roblox animated faces, one of the most hated things that roblox has ever announced? Quite possibly.

As you may know roblox animated faces are something that have been discussed for quite a long time now & there has been a lot of talk about it, just not a lot of info about it.

Real Time Facial Animation for Avatars - Roblox Blog

Recently a user by the name of Uz1 uploaded a feature to Twitter, stating “cool feature”:

Everything in the video is fully animated including mouth, eyebrows face size and other features, freaky, right?

Roblox is slow with some features, but after 2 hours of discussion this is now finally becoming something that may become reality. At the moment I simply don’t see much point of using this, as you may need to connect a camera, for some mobile/PC players this simply would be futile.

Are you in support of this feature, or is it a no-go for you?


It’s a good update I think! People online just hate everything that ROBLOX update and it’s so annoying too. This is very useful for making Roblox stories, etc.


Too realistic…
I hate the new rthro updates, they’re ugly…
That’s my opinion, but you know, me…

I’d rather die than see this in my server.

Don’t even think about it Roblox. Don’t even.

Is this the dang Sims? There’s already a game for that.


I have struggled with deciding if this is a good or a bad feature …

At first, when I heard about Dynamic Heads, I thought it was a good thing because it gives avatars more personality and actual dynamic faces. I would like it if the heads were still Roblox-styled, but certainly not if they are purely round like a real-life head shape. That would look creepy …

But I’m not on the “disapproval” side, more of a 50/50.

Here’s a better(ish) version

Uh. uh. uh. uhh. have you ever wondered what goes on in peoples minds

That’s just like… Scray…

Yeah… Has roblox gone crazy???

Very scray boo, very scray.

Why are the arms built like that

My Apple Pencil died and I suck at colouring with my finger

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