Roblox Animator Motion Tracking - This is cool

Hiy devs,

I’ve just picked up on a little update, detected by our good friends at Roblox Trackers have picked up on a very cool feature.

As you may or may not know lot’s of the CGI we see in games or videos, is done by tracking a real human & then turning those actions into data that can be read by computers and ran in games.

At 11:24PM BST, we got this tweet from Roblox Trackers:

They linked us this cool little video displaying the feature in live action:

Image from Gyazo

Video provided by RobloxTrackers

We can see how the persons movements transferred onto the character on the right.

We can also see how it could be accessed via the roblox animator plugin:


Image provided by RobloxTrackers

My major concerns

Alright, this all well & good, it looks like an amazing feature & I can’t wait to see how roblox will roll this out, however I hope it doesn’t go down the wrong path, for example if we look how roblox videos turned out, it wouldn’t be good.

Also what happens if roblox decides that this feature will be heavily monetized, just imagine having to pay a crazy amount of robux to import this into roblox for a short animation.

What are your views on this?

How do you think this will play out & how will you integrate this into your roblox game.

Can’t wait to hear from you,



I will also be keeping you updated on this topic. :cowboy_hat_face:


This could be used for NSFW, too.

If you’re importing from a video file who knows what could be in that, possibly NSFW material.

I imagine roblox would be unable to moderate this as it’s so « mass-scale »