Roblox AUTO admin

Should ROBLOX add auto admin to every roblox game? Yes? No? Why?


Because it would be nice if roblox added something like this since new users and other people can use it!
Maybe you can also edit the settings on studio!

I think maybe optional but it obviously wouldn’t be that great. basic admin is the superior admin so if roblox can’t beat their easily customizable and sleek design I’m not gonna use it.

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Absolutely not. What the point of studio if you can’t make anything?

A big part of making a roblox game is developing the moderation interface, and if roblox introduces a new moderation tool. Nobody will want to make there own moderation system. Its probably not going to open source. Developers should have the option if they want to add it to the game, it should be featured into roblox studio.

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Yeah I would optional to

You’re throwing FIRE at this thought. :fire:

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If its optional then maybe. Making/adding admin to your game should be managed by the community.

Auto admins can screw up and literally ban everyone on the platform, so no it will not be a good idea at all for that unless it’s prooven to work fine.

What? Auto admins? It would be like a replacement for HD admin made by roblox.

I say no,
this is because if it’s like a relaxing game that doesn’t want admin, that would be annoying.

And plus, it’s easier to add your own admin because you would know what admin you would want.


What? It’s q horrible idea… why would you like new people to have admin???

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No, the owner of the game would get admin.

I don’t think Roblox should add auto-admin into every game due to it maybe being a bad admin model, or an admin no one knows there way around.
I only say no due to some games not needing admin, as they can just be a show-case game or a game that might not even have good uses for admin.

Maybe an alternative would be to have a list inside of "experience settings "and there you can kick or ban specific users from your game on purpose, that would help new users who don’t want/need admin.

I script something that bans users from games, it’s easy lol because I can just copy that script from the game and keep them perm banned for life until they appeal.

That would actually be really good, they should add that

But which admin would it be? There’s lots of admins around (HD, Adonis (does anybody even use it anymore), Basic Admin, etc.) Also, it could be abused and not everyone wants admin in their game.

Lots of trolling games use Adonis. I agree, it wouldn’t be the best option.

Super Bad Idea…

Lots of Abuse, no Question.

Definitely not all games but maybe RP games

I feel like maybe one of the major Admin systems should partner up with Roblox and create a panel that the developers can OPTIONALLY chose to add into their game.

For example:

When a developer creates a place there is a pop up that asked if they would like to add (for example) RoAdmin+ into the server.

Once again, I can see a plus side and a down side to this but I feel as if the creators of Basic Admin or Adonis or maybe both all got together with Roblox developers and made it an optional feature.

And then for security features there would of course be a lot of those in place including rank lock, user lock, etc.

I also think that with a feature like this there could be many improvements with built-in Roblox security measures.