Roblox Auto Team Create

Yup, you read the title! This feature has been in testing for ages and now it’s finally being pushed out to users on the platform!

I feel this is a good update because I no longer need to enable team create on all my future builds and it auto saves my work in-case my PC crashed or Studio crashed,

This could be an amazing update for thousands of users on the platform, but I’m more intrigued to hear what you all have to say about this. Hopefully more of you could add more detail onto this as I don’t have tons of information on this as of right now.


This has been out for about a Month now, But I do find it Helpful!

Has been out for a while, but as @Boo said it makes things easier!

Well, very unlucky me has only just received the update, lol.

Welp, I know Roblox is Slowly rolling it out. (Like they do with everything lol)

That’s cool, having to set it up in all games was boring.