Roblox Ban Sweep - Be careful (Toolbox)

Hello cookie tech community,

Roblox is currently having a bit of a ban swap of innocent player, as you may know if you insert something inappropriate from the Roblox toolbox and you didn’t create it you will get instantly terminated.

This is kind of fair as it follows the “Your game, your liability” scheme, which is totally fair. However, there is something that is a bit more unfair going around, right now there is a very popular “trash can model” going around:

A user uploaded this into their roblox game and then they got banned, the user went ahead and did what any other person would do and descended into the deep hell of roblox support. However, when roblox got back to said user, they stated that they can not reinstate the account and it was a permanent action.

The danger is this model has secretly hidden inappropriate content inside of it

How to say safe

To stay safe when downloading 3D models, make sure to only download models from trusted users. Keep in mind that the number of followers and likes a user has is not always a reliable indicator of trustworthiness.

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What are your opinions on this, do you think you may have been subject to one of these attacks?

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You can also view the contents of the model to ensure it’s safe.

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Good tip, also make sure to check code and if you don’t understand the code it’s better of being deleted, models that are just 3D don’t need scripts, make sure you don’t publish until you have reviewed a free model.

Edit: This may not guarantee you safety, stated by @cam below, but it will increase the chance of your account being safe.

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Not publishing doesn’t help - I have been banned for having an item in my game that was deleted immediately, without ever being published.