Roblox BedWars | Season 5 - Biggest update yet?

Hey everyone!

As of 6:00pm EST, the Roblox game known as “Roblox BedWars” recieved yet another new season, although this season contains the biggest changes ever made, and it really shows just how different it is from Minecraft bedwars servers.

Season 5- Battlepass

This new season battlepass has been released for a cost of 799 Robux, as Season 5 has come! This new season is based on a “summer-like” theme.

The battlepass grants the user the following perks and benifits;

  • (Coming soon!)

Void Dimension

This was a huge suprise and the largest change to the entire theme of the Roblox BedWars game!

  • Similar to the vending machine drops, a notification will show when the Void dimension will be open and accessible via a portal that appears at each base.

  • Inside the dimension, you can fight a dark, worm-like creature with a purple aura, and the drops are worth it! Upon killing this creature, you will gain a Void Crystal, which can be used to purchased Void Armor, Void Blocks, and a Void Sword.

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This post is a wiki for anyone to edit to add in the missing details/unfinished information on this new game-changing update!

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