ROBLOX Beta App New Update

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I was just searching up a game on ROBLOX because I was bored and realised there was a new update! (Sorry if the pictures are a bit blurry)

What are your opinions on this?

I believe that it looks very nice and clean with the layout, the only thing I don’t like about it is that when you click on the game it just goes on it so fast and with no transition so it doesn’t look that good for that.

The image is likely a less prioritized loading item, meaning that it won’t load as quick as everything else.

I think it looks good - how do you get the beta app? Is it a BETA feature that only a specific amount of users have access to?

I used this video I think to get it a few ago.

That worked - thank you!

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Keep in mind the BETA apps are venerable to bugs, as a roblox certified beta tester, you get access to more features on the beta app.

Btw, how do you become a certified beta tester?

You need to be roblox id verified I think & you need to ask roblox.

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Nice! It works.

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If you’re using a PC and aren’t prompted to download it on the website, form the roblox shortcut to desktop app, which should let you open the roblox player shortcut on your desktop to ope it.

Interesting how beta testers don’t get immediate answers and people are picked at random.

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