Roblox Bot Wont work - "Incorrect key"

That thing with heroku when you have to make a link, its not working. Please help.

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Are you talking about linking your GitHub account to Heroku?

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No. You’re posting a link, and then it shows how many members you have in your group.

also I don’t understand the ApiKey. Can you help me :slight_smile:

Have you inserted your key into the .env in your repo?

yes. I insert it into .Env, but still

I cannot connect my Github too. Is there a fix.

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Welcome to the community!

Nope. Something happened over with GitHub with Heroku and we need to wait until they fix it.

Heroku - Issue connecting to github Internal server error - Scripting Support - Cookie Tech (

I can consider making a temp fix for this.

Are you sure your using the “.env” correctly? Can you give us an example, (Not using your real API key), on how you edit your env?

I copy the cookie and paste there, and then I make a own API Key

Screenshots of an example would help.

Can u sent link? I can’t find it back

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Also idk how, but I am Ali. I think I logged in my other account. Also can u make it more like discord?

You can send a screenshot by using screenshotting software! Windows already comes with one pre-installed

Where is it?

It can be found by pressing

+ S, type “Snipping Tool” and then click “New”, drag your cursor around the area you want to capture, then save to a folder and use the upload image button to insert it then post :mailbox_with_mail:

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I didn’t mean that. I asked of I can get the link at GitHub :smiley:

I believe you. Can you do it for me? I will give passwords, but I will change them soon.

No thanks, I’m okay.

Can I chat with you on Discord? I always forget this website