Roblox Byfron is preventing certain players from playing Roblox

This doesn’t affect everybody, but it certainly is important to mention, a while ago Roblox acquired the anti cheat company Byfron.

Which is one of the leading cheat prevention companies, Roblox acquired this company in an attempt to prevent hackers, Roblox has needed an anti cheat system for a very long time. The amount of hackers can ruin so many games, especially competitive games.

There are just so many cheaters on Roblox games. It’s crazy!

Funnily, the new version of Byfron showing in Roblox have prevented people in linux from playing Roblox. (Linux is an os, for those that don’t know).

Most people who use linux use software called wine, which allow people to run programs that run on windows to run on Linux. But as of the latest change to Roblox players can no longer use wine:

It has even been confirmed by Roblox staff this was intentional:

This update has also seemed to break the FPS unlockers people use, forcing them to play at 60Fps, Roblox’s stupid fps cap, that should be removed.

There are are a small amount of people who use linux to play Roblox, so I don’t know how many people this will affect, but what about you, do you know anybody who is affected by this? - Be sure to share down below.


I mean, to be fair, there’s a very small percentage of Roblox players who use Linux. At one point my computer was running Ubuntu and then not too long ago did I decide to upgrade the OS to Windows 10 … I have to say, however, that Linux doesn’t support many apps.

So, while a small population of players actually use Linux to play Roblox, it isn’t great to see that it’s only becoming more and more limited to do anything on the OS other than developer apps, software and websites.

I feel bad for those who can no longer play Roblox on Linux since I know what it’s like to have limitations on what you can do on certain computer models (and operating systems) … and who knows? Maybe they cannot get a different operating system for a variety of reasons.

Linux was always still capable of running an app like Roblox. I find it kind of disappointing that this was intentional to do because they know they could be ruining entertainment for a lot of people who use Linux for gaming, alongside development.

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