Roblox byfron messing with shaders?

So you know how there was a recent post about roblox not banning shaders? Well I decided I wanted shaders today. I thought it would be cool but when I tried to get into a game, A big white screen would appear. I tried to fix this, However it would not work. I found out I needed to open there new application that supposedly brings back roblox 32 bit. It worked and I was able to join games! However no shaders popped up. I tried opening the menu but nothing.

I think roblox byfron is getting in the way, I don’t know what is causing this issue but I did watch this video that said roblox is banning shaders and FPS unlockers.

If anyone has a solution to fix this please tell me!


Do you need shaders?

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I mean they look really cool and stuff but not necessarily.

If you can go without you should be okay.

Personally I don’t use shaders because I already have a really bad computer, getting shaders would just make it worse. But I really like the visual effects that are enhanced because of shaders.

However, Roblox staff have confirmed that shaders will not be banned by Byfron anticheat, but they state nothing on how it may affect shaders.

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I’m confused. What are shaders?

Shaders are visual enhancers that enhance / improve the visual quality of a video game.