Roblox C: hacked face now available?

Hello cookie tech community,

Around a decade ago roblox experienced One of the worst takings in its history, which was also often refer to as the April fools hacking.

When the hackers hacked into the admin panel during the April fools hacking They created a face that is often asked her to as the C: face.

And recently, a UGC creator uploaded a face which is a 3-D model to the platform that looks exactly like the face that they created.

Now there hasn’t been much controversy To this as the face that was never on sale that the hackers created, so many people don’t see an issue with his face being uploaded to the platform.

And at the moment Roblox hasn’t come out with any Statement stating that they will leave the item and personally I don’t think they should remove it as there is no need to remove it as a huge secret has done nothing wrong and his face was never actually on sale.

So what are your views on this do you think this face should be removed or do you think it should today? Let me know what you think down below!


I feel like nothing is wrong with it, its just all any other face on roblox. And tbh whats the worst that could happen, its a face at the end of the day.