Roblox cookie logging | QR codes

Most information in this post is based off of this video.
Recently, Roblox created a way to redeem layered clothing. They created a QR code; which would take you to the app and ad the clothing. Most people found this very weird, as the company normally would simply create a promotional code to post.
However, ROBLOX proceeded with this, sending the QR code to all star creators. Now, when these creators posted these, people were obviously skeptical. They assumed this was some kind of scam.
Now, of course, as in most places, there will always be malicious links & content, created to hack you, IP log you, cookie log you, or whatever else. There have been posts about this in the past. No company is ever safe from these; there’s always someone with bad intentions. Roblox should’ve acknowledged this, and instead created a promotional code. However, this caused a lot of drama.

I’d love to hear your opinions below!
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Hmmm I think its risky that Roblox are using QR codes because they is no ways to be safe from it. You don’t know where the link can go to. This could be a new way for hackers.

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It’s not too risky, if all the account details are on spot then the qr-code should be safe. But we need to remember that most of the roblox community is children that are young & can fall for these tricks. I don’t want to admit it, but this actually a very good trick that the hackers made here.

Young me would 100% fall for this & get my account cookie logged.