Roblox create page api

After finding out Roblox is revamping the create page, I found out that Roblox has a API section,

but in this Roblox Developer guide to HttpService, you cannot use links

(Sorry for the times new Roman like font, Firefox sucks when it tries to load fonts, especially on iphone)

So, why does Roblox have an API page if you cannot use it in scripts? Even one of the API’s is datastore!


I think your confused. Your showing us the OpenCloud pannel.

The other API you may be talking about is the roblox bot API.


The API is so that an external server can call the datastore.

At the moment it’s not entirely clear why the deny requests however, probably as it would require roblox to make more infrastructure.

Here is how you can use the opencloud API to access a datastore: Data Store Access Through Open Cloud - Resources - DevForum | Roblox

Normal datastores won’t be affected through this.

The API is so that an external server can call the datastore.

I’m sure this might help too when understanding OpenCloud: Open Cloud | Roblox Creator Documentation

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Oh okay, I guess I didnt realise it, the documentation isn’t very straightforward

You can always try searching the web :spider_web: if something confuses you!

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