Roblox Creator Marketplace - Opinions?

Hey everyone!

If you’ve been watching Roblox for a while, you probably know that Roblox is evidently trying to update the user interface of their webpages, some of which include the Talent Hub and the all-new Creator Marketplace!

Does the marketplace sound familiar to you? Indeed it does, as that’s where you get all your free models and assets from the Toolbox in Roblox Studio.

Recently, Roblox decided to update the old public marketplace and move it to a newer site called the Creator Marketplace! This will ensure that developers have the best experience and perfect navigation when finding models or assets, even plugins.

What are my views on this?
In all honestly, I really love this new Creator Marketplace website. It’s very modern and very fitting for developers to use and this seems like a great step for the future of Roblox as a whole.

However, I have a few concerns, some of which include the fact that some plugin prices are in a very small font on the main “Plugins” tab, which could lead to accidental purchases if you didn’t see the cost of the plugin.

What are your views on this? Let me know below! :heart:

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These new UIs look great - I’m really excited for the BETA app to have it’s public release.

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My roblox is acting quite glitchy and I’m only really getting around 3 seconds of view time, however, it looks much nicer, such as the dark theme, something they didn’t have in the older library. It might be a bit hard to find under the other domain though.

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The creator marketplace is stupid, they just rounded the UI & pasted in all the old code. I don’t think roblox really put much effort into removing bad models or models that may be “infected” or have other problems.

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Very true, indeed … removing bad models may be a moderation-related situation, but you have a point. From what I’ve seen recently, too, some people have been saying the ratio of the ratings are completely off.

Here’s an example of a post I found on the Roblox DevForum, where the ratio of a plugin rating is completely off;

Still a lot of improvement needed …

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my opinion for this is bad bc like the old one was better because you could easily copy id with btr but now you have to do it normally (manually) and also IT DOESNT SHOW ALL OF THE MODELS OR THINGS PEOPLE MADE (only shows verifed people’s models unless YOU CHECKMARK THAT BOX) i defintly know roblox is downgrading to the metaverse for no reason

Fair enough, I’ve also had some issues where when I try to set prices it glitches a lot harder.