Roblox Creator Portal | What is it?

Hi Cookie Tech!

So, today I found another website linked to the actual Roblox website, and I started to wonder around it and see what it could do. So this website is the Roblox Creator Portal, you can manage all your games, models, everything from here. You can even manage what your developers upload to your group from here.

So what’s the point in this?
I don’t think Roblox has an initial point for this just yet, but I have wondered why they uploaded it to the web. So I thought, what could Roblox add to make this better?

Now before I leave you all reply with your opinions, here is a link to check it out yourself!

I look forward to hearing back from you all!

I’ve seen the Creator Dashboard before, nothing new. That’s where you can create and manage API keys.

It links to open cloud: Open Cloud | A brief Introduction - Development - Cookie Tech (

I’ve never used the open cloud, neither have I ever used the Creator Portal as I have no intention to use the Roblox API system. I might use it later on in my development when I get to know what they do and how they work.

I’ve heard APIs are very useful, it’s a good idea to use them at some point.

I might learn what they do and later on use them within my development!

The current open cloud API’s are pretty weak, but I’m sure a lot will be able to come out of it.

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