Roblox data store

What would be the easiest way to read all keys in a data store and is this possible

Personally, I use DataStore Editor, a paid editor, but there’s a DevForum Post of a free plugin, maybe give that a shot.

No like using a script

Ah, what are you planning to use it for?

So I’ve been making a custom modification for exe where you can give admin to people on the Fly without needing to update the entire game and I’m creating another custom command directly tied with that which will let you view all admins that are defined within this system

Ah, I found a DevForum post asking something like this. Try checking this post out:

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I haven’t really used a dictionary before so how would I extract the data??

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I’ve never really used it either, maybe @Noah could help.

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It says on the devforum post @Boo sent.
Here’s the link again: How To Get All the data saved inside a datastore - #5 by Vemo4YT - Scripting Support - Developer Forum | Roblox

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FYI Roblox Documentation is surprisingly amazing: Dictionaries are very simple.


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