Roblox Developers are losing money from this silly issue

In short terms, this is very very very bad, not only are Roblox themselves losing money but Roblox developers, the crucial backbone of the system is losing money.

It’s very hard for a roblox developer to take that platform very seriously if they’re not compensated appropriately.

Roblox Transactions are the process of buying something and a major amount of money comes from transactions, this has been going on for a couple of hours, so this is not good AT all.

Here is an example from the catalogue showing that not just roblox games are being affected, but also UGC.

This could be an intentional move from roblox, so they can work and fix this.

Apparently, people were also having issues with redemption of giftcards/toy codes, so this really is an entire marketplace failure.

As soon as roblox discovered this they started work imperiality, especially as they were losing money.

What do you think of this? - Are you affected by this?