Roblox DevEx Update! | Opinions?

Hey everyone!

This topic is mainly for developers on the Forums, and this secret update today is excellent news!

So earlier today, Roblox released a “suprise update” where Roblox no longer requires Roblox Premium and a minumum of 100,000 Robux in your account to convert your Robux into real cash via the DevEx program.

Instead, you no longer need Roblox Premium to cash out and the minimum has been reduced to 50,000 Robux to cash out.

This is a very good and exciting update for developers, even starters! Would like to see your opinions on this change below.



I love this, it’s definitely helpful for smaller developers.

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Grrr! Beat me to the post!

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Big time. Haha. :smiley: (20char)

But yeh, this is an exciting thing!

This makes it much more easier for smaller creators to star earning, which in tears will lead to more engagement, creativity & motivation!