ROBLOX down. Kick Message

Good Evening, all.

It currently seems according to my checks ROBLOX™ is down. When joining servers you will receive the following kick message. I will try and update yous.

2: Website: Stable

Games: Unstable

ROBLOX™ Twitter: Nothing seen yet.

This bad that Roblox keeps going down. These are of the reasons I’m loosing passion for my work and the platform :grimacing:

Games are open again according to what I can access.

Interesting … usually you wouldn’t be able to join at all, this could be a server issue on Roblox’s end.

I had no issues today, kind of strange.

It only lasted 10 minutes.

Maybe it was a specific game that had this issue?

Nope, all games did.

Interesting, then … it wasn’t down for me, so perhaps you weren’t able to connect to Roblox’s servers at that time for some reason.

Unsure, all my members in my community experienced this.

Same for me, I didn’t have it, I’m also on the other side of the world to @OH20_rbLX.

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