Roblox economy/money

Do you think roblox is loosing business but the event that just happened?

Personally I think they are because they have some engineers working overtime.

Well yeh, they just missed Halloween, it’s not a big deal for roblox they have a ton of money to pay the engineers.

It’s a bigger deal for the roblox developers that have spent a ton of time on Halloween events which they cant run. Some developers have loosed $40,000 from just 2 days of outage, so it’s a bigger issue for roblox developers, server engineers don’t require millions, however there pay will be very good.

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Mhm, the more time they keep going out they keep loosing money. Think how the engineers are just getting all this money and wasting their weekend. :confused:

I agree… So sad to that events, the effort and time lost.

I don’t think they’re losing money, they’re rich. But yeah as cookie said many developers lost money for the time lost and events they had made!

I believe that Roblox is gaining money but unfortunately they have a lot of issues in the way.

Mhm, they need to fix a lot of things.