Roblox Emote avatar Update - Pretty cool minor update

Hello cookie tech community!

Roblox has announced a new minor update that could be interesting for the future.
on roblox your have a profile.

Here is your profile picture:

Roblox is planning on introducing a feature that allows you to move the position of the camera that renders your profile picture & even may allow you to get your avatar in diffrent positions.

It’s pretty cool that this will allow you to customize your avatar & personalize your account a little more. After the “account status” removal I think this will add another layer of personalization to profile pictures, many people are starting to hate on the update, stating it’s “useless” & not needed.

Personally I feel that big updates are important, but most big updates are behind the scenes, sometimes a front end update really lightens the community and puts everybody in a much better mood.

In the video provided by RobloxTrackers we can see that a new category under the avatar editor


After this it seems as if you can set an emote.


Then you can edit the camera & voilla!


All your friends will be able to see your new profile picture!

This is a pretty cool update in my opinion.

What are your views on it?

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This is pretty cool! It could really help people change the post on their Roblox profile pictures, rather than the standard pose.

Is there an approximate release data for this feature?

It’s out on the beta app, not sure when it will be coming out though.

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