Roblox Errors | Are they getting worse?

Well, not the first time this week this has happened to me, but roblox has been getting some weird errors within their code.

So, I was on the website, and everything appears as a Content Deleted item cover.

Not only is it doing it with groups, but also avatars.
What do you think about this?

Maybe it could be server delay?

Roblox servers have been overstretched lately therefore this could be a probable issue.

Yes, this gets really bad for me, sometimes I will log onto the avatar editor and i will straight up just not see anything . It’ll all look like the content deleted symbol. Now this may just be my internet but I’m not too sure

Yes, it could be a delay. But it’s happening too frequently now, Roblox needs a better solution.

Maybe the logos should be cached?

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