Roblox Events are so terrible now

This all really started with the warzone of the internet, Twitter.

And I can admit, this is a little strange, I was not expecting an event like this to be a reality. But I’m not entirely sure if this should be a thing on Roblox. :confused:

Many people are pretty mad at this game but I don’t think this should honestly be the biggest of this, sure the game is hilarious, but this shouldn’t necessarily be removed from the platform.

Yes there is a right place and time for this and maybe Roblox isn’t the place for this but what are your opinions, should this game be removed?

Yes. This game should definitely be removed. I am pretty sure it breaks the ToS to have a game like that. When was the game created?

A couple of days ago I believe.

This shouldn’t be happening at all. I’m really surprised Roblox decided to take such an absurd move and create this innapropriate event, considering that there are still a fairly large amount of players who are >13 and should not be exposed to this kind of content.

I can’t express my disapproval on this, Roblox events have become extremely horrible and they’re just not fun to play anymore. Not to mention they’re becoming less child-friendly and entertaining.

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