Roblox FaceCam Update

Okay, it’s confirmed, face call is not coming to Roblox, children won’t be able to now face time random strangers on Roblox, however, that leaves us all with the question what is this “request camera permission” prompt for?

This facecam is to actually control a dynamic face, this means your reactions will be captured in games.


I don’t know who’ll genuinely use this feature but sure, still waiting on those videos Roblox. :laughing:

If you got access to this feature would you use it? It would maybe be cool for live events where you could speak but other then that I don’t see much benefit to using it.


I’m glad Roblox didn’t introduce this. If they did, I’d be shocked of their actions against digital security and privacy.

I’m finding it highly likely that this code was added to dynamic heads because of the animation editor update within Roblox Studio, which requires camera access in order to create animations based on real-time camera feed.

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