Roblox Gambling - Opinions?

Hello Cookie Tech. :cookie:

I have seen ROBLOX gambling has gotten more popular, and I wanna see what you think about it.
It is against ToS as you can get free robux from this.

We all don’t wanna do this now. But, some people still do it. In my opinion, I think this is not ok. What do you think about it?


This is definitely not okay. I’m sure Roblox will jump on this, as they always do.

“As they always do” - As they always do is as always late. Roblox Gambling can also be simple things like buying in eggs, isn’t that gambling as you have an x amount of getting a pet or something, roblox gambling could be interpreted in many different ways but Roblox won’t jump on games like pet simulator x that roll in buckets of money.

I meant stuff like bloxflip and rblxwild.

What’s in the games though still counts as gambling, no?