Roblox Games Stolen | Details

Hey everyone!

Yesterday, a lot of people were reported that saving a game to Roblox would automatically set the game to “uncopylocked,” meaning anyone on Roblox can essentially download an entire game map, modify it, and publish it on their own accounts.

How did I find ths problem?
I was carefully watching this issue on the DevForum last night and decided to test this out for myself, only to find out that this was an actual bug with the website. I instantly knew this was a critical problem to popular games, so of course, I emailed Roblox Support with all the details I could find.

Earlier ths morning, in my timezone (EST), youtube Sharkblox created a video which briefly explains the issue here.

What games were affected?
Unfortunately, a lot of damage was already done before it was patched by the administrators of the platform. Games such as “My Restaurant!” was set to uncopylocked due to this bug, allowing anybody to take the game and its assets. I use to play this game when I first joined Roblox, it’s very sad to see the developers of BIG Games get that game leaked :cry:. I use to play it all the time.

But, don’t worry, the other games managed and owned by BIG Games are still safe. So far, I couldn’t find evidence that games such as Pet Simulator X were uncopylocked for a period of time.

Another game to add was my own obby released 2021, Obby of Realms. I did find out that it was set to uncopylocked due to this bug. I don’t know if anybody ended up stealing the game or not, that remains unknown.

So far, My Restaurant is the only popular Roblox game that has been reported to be affected by this issue, currently I don’t have more games to add to this list.

What should I do if my game is affected?
If your game may have been affected by this, I highly recommend checking your game permission status. This can be found by going to Game Settings > Permissions. Set “copying” to off from there and you should be all good!

And remember, it is never okay to steal from all those popular Roblox games out there. It could get you into very serious trouble, maybe even legally if the game was copyrighted and you re-uploaded it to your own account or group.

Would like to hear your opinions! :heart:

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Wow. This is really sad. I also played My Restaurant. Now people will be able to do modifications and free cash versions.

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If this is true, many big games are going to get stolen because of people saving them and publishing them to their profile to make profit off them.


Yeah. Luckily, though, this was patched earlier.