Roblox Gift Cards - They're Changing?

Does anyone know anything about native currency thing in roblox ? From the picture posted by S6FU the last part is very confusing ,people located in various countries like Europe,US,UK would buy gift cards in their respective currency like EUR,USD,GBP ,I cant understand what happens to others whose account is in India and there are no INR gift cards so does by default this becomes native currency like USD or something and USD cards would work in India after 24th april ?

I’m not sure about this, I guess you should be able to use USD Gift Cards, Because some countries like India doesn’t have roblox gift card in their local currency, Keep in mind that you might get less roblox credit after this change. I can’t reply anymore, If you have question contact me via roblox message: BigThink_UnableToDo - Roblox

This change is just disapointing, like on my end i was able to get more money since the gift card became usd money instead of cad so i was winning money but ifc i wasn’t too mad about the change at first since it’s only fair, they’re losing money. What im not finr about is that you can’t use gift cards in other countries other than the one it was bought in now, because now that means that i can’t gift a friend anymore without them either being in canada or having their account be registered as in canada, else i’d have to do some shady account take to make a purchase then discinnect and remove payment method, and that’s no good. It’s almost like vbuck gift cards for fortnite, you can only redeem those from your country, which limits the possibilities of being gifted one. It also gets in the way of giveaways, as then the giveaways will now be region locked, and considering most giveaways that can be trusted are from popular roblox youtubers and most of those are from the us and stuff, that means that for example a canadian has no chance of being able to participate in a giveaway anymore. I just hate this change there’s just so many better ways to handle it. I just hope they get so much crap for that change in the redemption of roblox cards that they decide to either fully revert the changes, or atleast remove the region lock and work around to make gift cards still usable in other countries. Now I wouldn’t ever hope to gift robux to a friend, because i wouldn’t be able to gift a giftcard to them, I wouldn’t be able to receive, and even if i try to just pay them via roblox, then roblox takes 15% of it so it’s not viable either. Just, this is a horrendous change.

Like even the cad staying cad instead of becoming usd isn’t even justified, becsuse for example vietnam apparently don’t have currency support, so they’ll still get the free usd gain and can still receive from usd, like that’s not fair for people from other countries, so it’s not even justified for them to change how it works. This change will most likely make twitter go wild and call Roblox out for discrimination even. And while roblox has a record of not giving a #### about their userbase other than a few things, this is a huge change, that will get the attention of a lot of people and with reason, so we need to just all make roblox get #### for their stupid change so they revert their mistake back, because this is not okay.


Just to let people know ,most of them are not even aware that these changes are going to happen in next 72 hrs …roblox sent a silent update to half of the users ,their support is pathetic and you cant get a straight answer from them ever …
Further,region locking makes no sense as from 24th april users would get no advantage of extra robux a 10 GBP card would no longer give more robux but rather convert to local currency .

The entire purpose of gift cards is over with this region locking .

Yo guys is this change already in place?

The change takes place on monday with very little clarity except for 2 points

  1. You cant redeem a USD card in FR,UK,NZ,AUS,Canada and so on …It will redeem in US only (As of now)

2.For other countries where gift cards are not available it will convert to local currency and robux received cannot be predetermined.It will be based on exchange rates.

This also leaves a question that countries which dont have their own denomination of roblox cards what happens to them …By default they would be allocated a currency (maybe USD) but its not confirmed and if default currency of those countries is USD then USD cards should redeem in such countries ,right ? Again not clear !

Extremely poorly worded changes by roblox received by quarter of a users outside US .

I don’t know why they’re doing this, it just seems to be a loss for us and Roblox … countries that don’t sell Roblox Gift Cards might not even be able to get these cards at all because of these redemption changes.

I’m pretty sure registering a Roblox account is fixed under a certain IP … so if somebody created their Roblox account in a small nation that doesn’t sell Roblox Gift Cards, and they move to Canada, can they still not redeem Roblox Gift Cards?

Roblox needs to be more clear in their words, otherwise we’ll never understand … it’s their job to make sure we understand everything they say.

I started it :frowning:.
I couldn’t redeem my gift card


If anyone is still able to help with this pleaae? When i get a £10 gift card it gives £6.49 amd a £20 gift cardgives around £12/13. I’m really struggling and getting frustrated. Seems pointless getting them as gifts. Is anyone able to advise please?

You can’t do much as it’s on Roblox for this. You can try to contact them on their support page.