Roblox Gift Cards - They're Changing?

Hey everyone!

Recently I’ve decided to check my Roblox account inbox and I found this strange message from the official Roblox account, regarding changes to the redemption of Robux Gift Cards.

As you can see, in this message, Roblox states, “Starting in April 2023, when you redeem a gift card purchased in your local currency you will recieve the equivalent amount of Roblox credit denominated in your local currency.”

Personally, I’ve never really noticed any visual difference through Roblox Gift Card redemptions. A $15 Gift Card is still a $15 Gift Card.

However, I’m assuming this is some change in the background. I’m guessing this means $100 USD was equivalent to some amount of Robux whereas it might have actually been a lower amount in CAD (Canadian Currency), perhaps due to the conversions from USD to CAD. (It’s not only these two currencies; this change may affect all currencies … pounds, dinars, rupees, krona, etc).

With that said, I ask you … do you believe this going to be a benifitial or damaging change to Roblox Gift Cards? Let me know below!


This is really disappointing, I used to always buy giftcard, as I would buy them in pounds and then get more Robux. :sob:

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Hi there Cookie Tech.
I just got a message from Roblox about gift card changes. If you want to read it, here it is:

Basically, what Roblox means if that you bought a let’s say £20 gift card when you redeemed it you’d get around 30 dollars. But after April, £1 of gift card credit = £1 Roblox credit, meaning redeeming a £20 gift card after April will give you £20 in Roblox credit.

If you had any remaining Roblox credit in dollars after April, it will convert into £ based on current conversion rates, which isn’t looking good at the moment….

Also, you can only redeem a Roblox gift card from the country you are in, so if you get a card from France, for example, it will not redeem when you are in the UK. Only in France.

So, what are your thoughts on this, do you like it being converted to £ or do you oppose this update? Let me know!

Awaiting your replies,

I really hate this update since I could go to Tesco or somewhere, grab a roblox card and redeem it for more credit, meaning more robux/premium for me!

This really isn’t too big of a deal. To be real, I didn’t ever really notice that they didn’t have this.

Since you are in America, you wouldn’t know everything went into USD from what they bought it in.

EG: If you bought a £10 Giftcard you would get $15 of credit (£12.32)

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This part over here is a dissapointing change to see from Roblox … what’s the point of “gift cards” when that gifting has just become more limited?

If this change remains, gifting Roblox cards will only be worth it if it were done domestically, because now internationally giftings these cards won’t really be worth it as you may not even be able to redeem it.

This doesn’t make sense to me, in my opinion there was nothing severely wrong with the previous redemption system.

In some cases you’d get 20$, for a £20 card I got it gave me 35$

I don’t know why they did this, probably to stop people sharing cards out on like some messaging platform, idk.

No… It’s pretty obvious, people abuses this by purchasing with another coin and get more robux. It’s a loss for Roblox… They lose money

Hi guys,

Can anyone help me understand the last line of the below roblox announcement ?

Hello! This is a reminder that beginning the week of April 24, 2023, when you redeem a gift card purchased in your local currency you will receive the equivalent amount of Roblox credit denominated in your local currency - it will no longer be denominated in U.S. Dollars (the date is subject to change and we will notify you of any such change). This means that $1AUD will be redeemable for $1AUD in Roblox credit. This credit will be redeemable for Robux or Robux Premium Subscriptions based on the price of such items in your local currency at the time of redemption (current pricing information can be found at Roblox). Also, any Roblox credit in your account at the time of the change will be converted from U.S. Dollars to the equivalent value of your local currency based on current exchange rates. Please note that the availability and price of Robux and Premium Subscriptions are subject to change.

We also wanted to let you know that as part of the change in our redemption process you will only be able to redeem a gift card that is denominated in the same currency as the country where your Roblox account is registered.

Are they region locking roblox gift cards ? Roblox gift cards are available in few locations only so does that mean that after 24th april the rest of the world cannot redeem gift cards ? If someone gives me a gift card in USD then I cant redeem it in India ?


No, it means you can redeem it anywhere, it just means if you buy a card in USD (5 USD) you will get the giftcard in 410.56 Indian Rupee if you redeem it in India.

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After reading this topic and the official roblox devforum, Some people said that Roblox makes this change because they don’t want deal with fluctuate exchange rates.

I have a better solution rather than change gift card redemptions process. I will take a look at New Zealand for an example.

So whenever you redeem 10NZ$ Roblox Gift Card in any account (any roblox account registered country), you will get 10$ in Roblox credit. This seems unfair to Roblox, Because they got less profit due to the currency exchange rates when convert back to USD.

Here is the price of Robux/Membership in New Zealand from App Store

As you can see, prices are equivalent to USD, so they are making normal profit (no losses) from App Store Sales, but not with Gift Card

So rather than changing gift card redemptions process, They could rise the price of the Roblox Gift Card up to 70% from:

10 NZ$ to 17 NZD
25 NZ$ to 42.5 NZD
50 NZ$ to 85 NZD
100 NZ$ to 170 NZD

This could be apply to others country tho.


Interesting analysis, thanks for sharing!

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Its seems they are region locking …


In around Mid-October last year, Roblox secretly add currency conversion system to Australian Roblox Gift Cards.

Some people redeemed 50AU$ Roblox Gift Card which should give them 50$ in Roblox credit, but It gave them 27.75$ from normally 50$, After fews day this update got removed.

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I got this from SEAGM.

okay so its getting region locked ? right ?

Not region locked I don’t think, just the value is converted.

I’m confused. Does this mean no premium w/ gift cards anymore?