ROBLOX: GUI Rating & Feedback!

Hi guys! Could you please rate an Administration Panel GUI I made recently? Some suggestions would be highly appreciated! Thanks!
(Image quality may decrease! | Where it says: In-game admins, in the empty space there should be listed admins’ user in-game and their admin rank.)


Ooh! I love it! I dont see anything to change really.


So cool, everything is perfect. Maybe admins can change the color?!

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Hmm, something seems off, the “In-Game Admins”, look like you ran out of ideas and then squished that in, I say a separate button should open the in-game admins.

Great suggestion! And yes, you are right! Anyway, thank you for replying! :DD

@Noah | Considered your suggestion a very good one! Re-made the GUI interface! (Buttons may not be that centered, still working on that one!)

This is really nice and modern, something that I would similarly make.

P.S. nice use of the UI plugin if you used it, love the buttons!

Maybe try changing up the font!