Roblox has finally changed the Roblox report system

Roblox reports have been abused for many year now, allowing people to get banned from mass report stunts and others others alike.

Reports have been broken on Roblox for a very long time now and I’m glad to see a fix is coming, a screenshot manager sounds amazing, I would love reports to be more advanced allowing moderators to have better insights on what is happening.

I would love to see an advanced moderation system come to Roblox. I actually think it’s quite innovative and original for Roblox to come out with this.

You use to only be able to tell the moderator what’s happened. but a picture would provide so much detail and context. This allows Roblox to moderate much better.

This can also allow people to report accounts that are bypassing roblox rules, which is super cool.

I’m really looking forward to this update! What about you? Let me know how you feel about the Roblox moderation system and if Roblox could change it in any crucial way?


Wow, great move by Roblox! I am looking forward for this feature to come out.


This is pretty great news! While it doesn’t fix the current situation of moderators unfairly moderating innocent users, this is still a good step forward (in my opinion) to keep reports organized and lessen the possibilities of abuse.

I hope to see this feature being used in a good manner by the community, and I hope this helps Roblox moderators sort out and prioritize reports based on their respective category.