Roblox has just opened up the Marketplace to more creators

Hi Roblox Developers!

The Roblox dev forum account has just uploaded a brand new message on the dev forum telling us that Roblox is now going to be opening up the marketplace to more creators, interesting…

As the post in the screenshot down below states: “We are excited to announce that starting later today, we are rolling out the ability to publish 3D avatar items to more people”

This is massive news, in the creator documentation you can see the requirements that you must have to be able to publish 3D avatar items to the marketplace.

In summary at the time of writing it appears that to be able to publish items to the marketplace as an individual you must:

  • Be ID verified
  • Be on the Roblox Premium 1000/2200 plans.

And as a group:

  • Publishing user needs:

    • Id Verification
    • Premium 1000/2200
  • Group Owner needs:

    • Premium 1000/2200

This is insane for Roblox and I wish them all the well with this project, as much as I am concerned about the moderation issues they may have with this it does lead to a huge amount of diversity and creativity that is now available to developers and creators.

What are your opinions on this?


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3D avatar items? I mean it’s interesting, but why would we need these items in the Marketplace for our Toolbox? Yes, it may help, but do people even use 3D clothing at the same time?

Interesting feature I guess.

As in this is UGC but public

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My video demonstrates how this feature can be used, although I have to say it’s SO expensive to upload items.

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