ROBLOX in the future | Concept - 2040

This is written as a story, it is a concept that I wrote to be as realistic as possible. Enjoy!

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The year? 2040. Roblox has gone under. The company has removed themselves from NYSE, youtube, Twitter, Instagram and everything. But this isn’t the last we’ve heard from them. Before roblox went under, it was purchased for $15.26B by an undisclosed company. Time passes much slower without the world’s favourite game. In 2045, the roblox Twitter account is recovered, but it has lost verification. They announce the following:

Woo-hoo! Their back! But under a subdomain…? Luckily, a user has already asked this for us:

We’re still yet to receive a response.

Today is the day!! Roblox is launching for the first time in 20 years, everyone is so excited! They’ve got some big name sponsors:

Everyone joins, and the game is overflowing, roblox servers cant handle it. Fortunately, roblox has a new anti-disruption software, that prohibits new players joining when the game is too full.

But there’s a problem…

The game is great and so realistic, but… it’s all one game. Developers take turns making games to be “featured” in the one game, titled “The Hub”. A moderators screen was leaked, and there were found to be 2 other private roblox games. All in all, it was super super well moderated with some of the nicest staff, and good support. So, there’s no problems, right?

Hahahahaha… wrong.

Roblox has some major security flaws. The site processes payments through a third party site that was recently caught committing fraud towards credit cards. But hey, their pretty inexpensive, so if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. But… it is broke.

Easy fix… right?

Simply changing provides back to xsolla fixed the problem, but there is nothing to spend robux on! The games only rotate a few times a month, and all the new roblox clothing stores only change once a month too.

Clothing stores…?!

Yup, roblox really is the meta verse. These clothing stores have real life brands, but in roblox. So you can look fly, in game and out. If you desire, you can purchase x2 of the clothing article and have it shipped out in real life to you.

Do you want a part two? PM me and I’ll get to work!


I can’t imagine roblox dying out any time soon, but there’s always a chance.

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I’ll ask for a refund, if they go down.

This was in my past 7 days… am I okay

Yeah, and I made the mistake of putting it in 2040, where it had been shut down 20 years ago.

Just realised what year that makes it.

I would like to see more concepts regarding this, it’s interesting to theorize how things could play out in the future.