Roblox is coming to PlayStation? | Hiring PlayStation Dev!?

So, if you haven’t heard. Roblox is hiring a PlayStation Engineer!!

This is huge for Roblox. This, while not 100% confirmed could mean that Roblox is finally coming to PlayStation after so long!

Part of the Job Description

I’m honestly surprised that Roblox hasn’t come out on other platforms such as PlayStation sooner. They aren’t even on the Nintendo Switch yet

What Does This Mean For Roblox?

Well, Roblox is now changing. Like, really changing

The platform we once knew is turning into something none of us could have ever imagined was possible. Personally I joined Roblox in 2016,

The years of 2016-2019 were the best years on Roblox I have ever experienced. It is both sad and happy to see the platform Changing. Now, there will be more possibilities but communities will be limited and new professionally developed games might not be getting the attention they deserve with this new community.

Nevertheless I’m happy to see Roblox moving forward, and branching out into different parts of the Community. Let me know what you think about this!



Interesting, however I thought it would breach the agreement between Microsoft Xbox Game Studios and Roblox.

Just saw this post, maybe roblox has been intending to work with sony for a while & it’s only up to now:

It would be pretty cool if maybe roblox came to the Nintendo switch!

Here was a video By Fave from last year, he had some interesting points:

Why Roblox will NEVER be on Playstation… (PS4 and PS5) - YouTube

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I saw this on Roblox’s stock market news a few days ago, it’s pretty interesting.

Oh yeh, I would wonder how this would affect the stock.

Right now it dropped:

However most tech companies had this drop, but still, it’s interesting to see how Roblox’s actions affect the stocks.

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I have a feeling the stocks will eventually rise if Roblox releases on PlayStation, but who knows?

Oh, Gosh I did go down- 0_0

You just made me a little sad by mentioning Fave as he used to be my favorite youtuber I am sad he no longer uploads I know it was because of him being exposed as a pedophile but on youtube I value quality of videos higher than the person who made it while yes that person is still important we can still enjoy their video’s on the platform

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I personally think someone who does something like this online should be going to prison.


127% agree. (out of 100 lol)

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Wow. That will be amazing good for roblox! But about accounts, they would log in with play station? Hope not, they would need to create a roblox account.

It could work like OAuth 2.0.


Or you could just link your playstation account to your roblox account.


I do agree but on the youtube platform 2 things about the content matter It being ethical and It being funny or helpfull

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So if somebody commits a crime it’s okay for them to continue making YouTube videos, earning money as long as they’re “ethical, funny or helpful”.

I have PlayStation and I want roblox on it for very long and I happy it going to PlayStation

That was not what I ment

Yeh, I did think something didn’t come across correctly, can you describe to me what you meant please?

I know this post was ages ago but, I just read something on BBC news saying that this is confirmed?

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