Roblox is falsely banning voice chat users

Recently their was a study done by a user detecting weather Roblox is properly identifying voice chat abusers and weather they should banned. The flow should be that a user gets reported and the moderator uses the live recording to be able detect weather the punishment should be given or not.

Recently it’s proven that Roblox doesn’t even listen to the reports they just ban people without any consideration.

This is a substantial problem, this means everybody with a major following on Roblox is prone to voice chat suspension.

Max is one of the most innovative developers on the Roblox platform, so something coming from him is often very reliable.

Roblox made it very clear that swearing was allowed in normal conversation however users would be punished if they randomly insulted people. But now no matter what even if you say nothing inappropriate and you get reported you will be banned instantly:

Is Roblox falsely banning voice chat users? - YouTube

What are your opinions on this and how can we keep protected?

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