Roblox is now swearing in their videos

This wasn’t accidental, Daivd Basszucki, the owner of Roblox swore inside of a new official Roblox YouTube video.

They left it in the video, they did censor it but you heard exactly what he said.

This is it exactly when it happened. Some people are surprisingly not happy about this, I’ve put the time stamp in and you can listen to it (wait a couple of secs):

It’s nota big deal, but people are making such a massive deal out of this. It’s not even that bad, but people are really overreacting.

This is not the worst thing that could have been said.

Roblox has been trying for a while now to age Roblox, but still, they’re trying their best but I honestly don’t think this should be such a big deal.

What are your opinions on this, big deal or nah?

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