Roblox is scamming people?

Hello cookie tech community

As you may or may not know certain roblox games such as adopt me, are getting band from specific countries around the globe.

Nobody is really to blame for this as it could be down to legal complications, however, there is a major issue that comes with removing (banning) these games from the platform.

If you think about it the amount of players who have spent money on the game is unreal, when you find out that you can no longer access the game you payed money for you can see why there could be an outrage

Do you think this is fair and roblox shouldn’t refund the users or do you think the opposite?

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Honestly, Roblox doesn’t really have a choice.

Some of these games may have certain features that are banned in some countries, but Roblox has no control over that. So it’s not really scamming, it’s just that Roblox didn’t ban certain games in certain countries before.

Although it may lower revenue a bit, I don’t believe Roblox is responsible for that, because it’s a matter of difference in national law.

But think about people who bought before the law change, should they be refunded?

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If that were the case, then yes, since people probably didn’t know it was banned in their region until they noticed this change came out.

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ROBLOX Should refund the users but the developers could’ve exchanged their money already.


That’s a good point, I wonder what Roblox does if somebody has scammed robux or done something but they’ve already devexed, if they never broke ToS maybe roblox takes it, but if the developer did something scummy or against ToS what happens?

A lawsuit, not sure.