Roblox is suing online daters

After such a long time, roblox is taking action against a very prominent issue.

Here is the most accurate definition of a Condo provided by ChloeGames:

There’s been countless news articles about this issue and public exposures but now I think Roblox has simply had enough & are taking legal actions.

This person has been making “Condo” games on repeat & as soon as the game is terminated the user just makes another one. So, it’s essentially impossible to stop these people.

Apparently, this person had a discord server to this & I suppose that’s the way roblox found them.

I reckon this warning will be enough to scare this user off, opinions?

Any hopes or opinions on this how this would go down? - I would love to hear!

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Back in 2021 I was part of a mini operation to uncover what actually goes on with condo games for a youtube channel which I won’t mention. These games are part of a whole operation run my multiple people.

First you have game unblockers who unblock the Roblox studio file.
Then you have the developers who look the game over maybe adding something
Then the developer passes it on to the uploader who will upload the game. And every time the game is taken down this cycle will repeat.

Servers would have like 50 unblockers. 25 developers and just short of 90 uploaders all in different time zones so the operation just continued no matter what

These games also included features like if you pressed esc to go to the menu to report the game you would rejoin so it was impossible to report from ingame and the chat filters were removed and also the names were masked so you couldn’t see someone’s real username even in the chat.

I’m saying this because this is the reason these games are so hard to take down. As we know Roblox moderation is slow now with all these precautions taken to make sure that it dosnt happen. Roblox just cant keep up.

It makes sense that they’d be pursuing these people as Roblox has been getting alot of heat latley especially from youtubers lime Ruben Sim but I guess we’ll just have to see if theyre serious or not.

Nevertheless this is a huge win to see Roblox actually doing something about it.


Thanks for sharing this info, I never knew there was such an operation included with this.


These people have to be taken off the platform, it’s that simple.

Most of Roblox’s players are kids, all these “condo” games should not even be here in the first place. It’s disgusting and young Roblox players should not even get a glimpse at this content, furthermore this is a gaming platform, and not a place for such content.

Roblox is, indeed, correct to punish these group owners. They’re ruining the platform.

I agree with this but also keep in mind to enter condo games you need to find them. Ofcourse I’m not excusing the developers and any of the people involved but generally speaking kids WONT just stumble upon these games. Theres a whole underground network via discord/telegram etc. That’s just something to keep in mind.

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